Kiting GULAG Supreme

This is my main, and current, project. Made with the MOBA based kiting in mind, Kiting GULAG Supreme is a top-down ARPG like game where you are locked to a marksman class. This game was constructed not only to hone one’s kiting, positional awareness, and target priotity skills from MOBAs, but also to place those skills to the ultimate test!

Dodge skillshots, maneuver in claustrophobic combat scenarios, and use abilities made to reinforce the kiting gameplay loop in order to succeed.

I am currently responsible for all of this game’s design, development, code, modeling, and sound effects (recording and mixing), while most of the sprite work was also done by me, with some exceptions. The game is in a beta stage, with 7 of the planned 8 stages already developed.

Demo Video:

Watch a playthrough of the second and fourth stages of KGS here.